Wednesday 18 May 2011

Former Sun editor tight-lipped in super-injunction case - Surrey Herald

Former Sun editor tight-lipped in super-injunction case - Surrey Herald
NATIONAL newspaper columist and Weybridge resident Kelvin MacKenzie says he will not reveal his emails or text messages to a defence lawyer in a super-injunction case.

The former Sun editor got dragged into the super-injunction case between the affair of a footballer, who cannot be named, and reality television star Imogen Thomas, after revealing on BBC Radio 4's Today show he received emails and texts from readers asking to tell them the names of celebrities using injunctions to protect their privacy.

The show was aired last month as the columnist took part in a debate whether or not injunctions can carry on.

Kelvin MacKenzie

However, during a public part of a hearing on Monday, May 16, at the Royal Court of Justice the lawyer for the footballer, Hugh Tomlinson QC, made an application to search the emails and text messages sent by Kelvin.

Kelvin, who is in favour of free speech, told the Herald and News, he had no intention of sending them.

He said: "The truth of the situation is that it's gossip. We are all allowed to gossip. It is not against the law."

He also urged the jury to type in the name of the footballer and the word 'super injunction' into Internet search site Google to see how the information is all ready available to the public.

He added: "The legal system is too old. Technology is making a fool out of these judgements."

On air he had said: "People do text me by the way and say, who is it? I always reply who it is despite the fact I've been warned by judges and lawyers."

He went on to say that online site Wikipedia can be changed by people in America, where the injunction does not count.

Kelvin is not party to the case but if the application is granted he could be found to be in contempt of court.

The judge reserved judgement on the application and said he would announce his decision at a later date.

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